Article date – 23 January 2019

At the start of this year, the Department for Transport introduced a new online system which allows applicants to upload all their supporting documents to the Blue Badge website which can take less than 30 minutes to complete.

Applicants can even provide their own passport-standard digital photo, so there’s no need to pay a visit to a photo booth.

For residents who are able to use technology, this will be a real time saver, and will help St Helens Council’s Contact Centre process applications more efficiently.

Residents who struggle with technology, or do not have access to it, needn’t fear as an appointment based and face to face service will be available from mid to late February to help to help them apply.

To apply for or to renew a Blue Badge, visit . You’ll need details of your current Blue Badge (if you have one), a digital or signed photograph, your National Insurance number, proof of identification and proof of St Helens residency.

For any enquiries regarding a Blue Badge application call the contact centre on 01744 676789.

Alternatively, enquiries can be made via email: or online:

St Helens Council would like to remind residents that Blue Badge fraud is a serious offence which could put genuine Blue Badge holders, who need to park closer to their destination due to their disability, at risk.

Blue Badge fraud may include allowing someone else to use your Blue Badge, or using someone else’s badge while they are not in the vehicle; using a fake, altered or cancelled Blue Badge; and obtaining a badge by means of dishonesty or deception.

If you suspect someone of carrying out this type of fraud, call the Fraud Hotline on 0800 953 0217, or report Report Online


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